MySpace, LinkedIn, TeamViewer, Oh My!

In the last few weeks, we’ve seen security vulnerabilities or leaks of three prominent web service companies pop up across the Internet. MySpace.Com was hacked back in 2013, and a cache of user information appeared on the black market last week. This included the usernames, e-mail addresses, and at least one SHA-1 hashed password of over 360 million […]

MuzikHack, April 23-24, Vancouver B.C

I’ll be in Vancouver this weekend with some other great Microsoft engineers, working with the awesome guys at Muzik to introduce some eager hackers to the Muzik convertible wireless headphones. I’ll also be teaching a quick course in what has become my new favorite mobile-enabling technology, Apache Cordova (as well as TACO, the Tools for Apache COrdova […]

Azure Key Vault in UWP Applications

As part of my strategy to transition some of my skills from WPF to UWP (two standards of graphical user interfaces with C# that are fairly similar), I decided to do a full port of my Azure Key Vault Manager application into UWP. One of the most significant issues I ran into was around the authentication mechanism […]

Decoded Open Source Conference, May 2016

Microsoft’s own John Shewchuk has put together a new video series called “Decoded”, where John takes a look at some best practices for open source software from the mouths of the people who know best… the software’s designers. In honor of this new show, a conference will be held at University College of Dublin, Ireland in the […]

Azure Key Vault Manager

Over the last several months, I’ve been doing a lot of work with Azure Key Vault, one of Microsoft’s new Azure service offerings. While I do really like the concept, I’ve never been a Powershell fan for simple maintenance tasks. Unfortunately, right now the only management option for Key Vault is via Powershell cmdlets. I decided […]

Net Neutrality: Why Are We Back Here? – Part 3

Today’s post is the third in a three-part series on net neutrality, with the first part discussing the basics of internet routing, ISPs, and content distribution and the second part discussing how Netflix evolved their business model from a technical standpoint to overcome ISP throttling issues, and how ISPs maintain such a good negotiating position. Below, part three will […]