APPM in Chrome Store

Edit: Unfortunately, as of 2/20/2019, APPM is no longer available for download from the Chrome Store. Any user wishing to leverage this extension must do so in Developer Mode; I will not be attempting to re-publish this extension in the future.

Recently, I’ve been spending more of my free time cleaning up my open-source work. One of these projects is APPM (Azure Portal Presentation Mode), which allows people who are presenting their Azure Portal to customers or other public audiences to conceal potentially sensitive information from the portal view.

This plugin is pre-loaded with a set of rules that removes some common information, such as subscription and resource IDs, as well as the directory information for the logged in user. I am accepting pull requests to add new rules to the system as well!

This plugin is released to the Chrome Store for installation convenience. The plugin source code is available on GitHub under the MIT License.

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